Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What is Man With Tools?
A: We are a local network consisting of bonded contractors and local insured handy men.

Q: How does the network work?
A: Quite simply! You call us, you tell us what you need, and we send out a service tech to fix the problem. You pay the service tech for their services.

Q: Is there any charge to me to use your services?
A: A common myth is that the consumer ends up paying more when using a referral service. This is not the case, the tradesman pays Man With Tools for the referral. There is no cost to the consumer. 

Q: Are your service techs licensed and insured?
A: It is up to the consumer to verify both the current status and the history of any license, bond, insurance or other legal operating requirement of any member of the Man With Tools Network before hiring or doing any business with that member because of the different and evolving rules, regulations and laws surrounding contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, attorneys and other professionals who work in and around the local construction industry and may also happen to be members of this Network.

Q: Why should I use your services?
A: Man With Tools is known for quality service at a fair price! We provide valuable services to clients, build partnerships in the community, and deliver important resources for the handyman and construction industries. Our commitment to quality service and responsiveness to client needs remains the company creed and has led to its success in a competitive industry.